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English word of the day # 02: braggart

February 22, 2009
I am just a braggart. But when English people could think that we French all are braggarts, I don’t think it’s true (though I am having a hard time right now to find a counter-example…). At least, it’s not true that we are all braggarts as much as I am. My case is just hopeless, I can’t manage to open myself to someone without having first a long time when I joke about everything and don’t take anything seriously. As I wrote earlier here, it’s a way of filtering: you need to seriously work on knowing me to be finally authorized to. The thing is I know it’s demanding and arrogant, but I just can’t help myself to force people to show me they really want to know me. Surely has something to do with being insecure, at least like this I let myself be only when I am fairly reassured on the fact that people won’t run away (because they proved hard to be willing to know me but also because this strategy buys me time to know them before they really know me). Which brings the question: if being braggarts is a French cultural trait and has to do with being insecure, why are we insecure? How a whole nation can share this?
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