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French word of the day # 02: marotte (pet subject/pet hobby)

June 3, 2009
My marotte is a pet subject. One of my marottes actually, but this was to say I personnally use this word essentially talking about my favourite subjects. A marotte is I think in fact more than a favourite thing. It has to be quite obsessive, the kind of subject you could talk hours but nobody around would let you to because they know you too well to not know it’s a dangerously endless conversation.
Anyway, all this just to introduce in photo this obsessive subject of mine: Architecture. I basically know nothing about it, but I deeply enjoy seeing a gorgeous building. Less gorgeous too, if we’re talking about a modern one with pure lines. I already stated it, the technical prowess always amazes me, because I am not 1% able of it. Though I realized during my first architectural wandering in London, that it’s also about the surprises a piece of architecture has to reveal to you. If I can find enough details to be enraptured at every new look I have on the building, I am very likely to fall in love with it. Literally. Ask my daughter how it was hard to make me stop taking photos each time we went to London. It’s not all about technique, finally, but also about stimulation, luxuriance. I need the World to give me stimulating beauty every minute to be happy. Hence a town like London or Barcelona is like my Disneyland. Everywhere you turn your head you can catch a glimpse of something gorgeous, you can see towers and domes trying to reach the sky; every building by itself is full of an infinity of details. Hence also a great difficulty to be satisfied by the World. But this is tangent and should be another story, one day, when I will have sorted out my thoughts about my level of demands. The purpose of introducing the idiom marotte was to offer anybody bored and/or procrastinating enough to read this blog some links towards my architectural photographic delirium, starting with my host the UK, hence London: first visit was a very long wandering in central London; second visit was mainly focused on the Natural History Museum, my new crush.
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