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from one blog to its baby brother

June 9, 2010
At the beginning there was a blog, two frogs in B’ham, who got active from an overload of FB. Then the blog went to a sleeper cell state. And FB went back to its function of mini-blog. Even more as I started a few series. One of them in particular, though itself quite in a sleeper cell state right now, is what is giving birth today to this spin-off blog. The major problem with doing series on FB being that you can’t go through archives. You can still have a look back on everything published before but you get to seriously need procrastinating! And you can’t search past posts, nor tag semantically.

This series was born itself from the frustration of living a bilingual life. Idioms are a big part of daily communication in French, and I believe also in English (I could even dare to state it is in every language). But they might be the most difficult to acquire when learning a language, I guess because they are loaded of culture. So from time to time you find yourself with a high urge to use one and literal translation is almost always missing the point. That’s however a very fun practice, as you end up having quite a quirky discourse . Hence the interest of publishing.

Posts are meant to be mainly made of the idioms series. However any bilingual thought might end up here as well. It is mainly when the English translation for a word is just not carrying enough of the concept I developed through the years in my French mind. Sometimes, that’s the translation, there is no other way to say it, but  it’s just too broad or too narrow, or carries a different valence. I don’t have any example coming to mind now, so you’ll understand when we’ll come to it. There also a few old posts from two frogs in B’ham, but as you can see, they are more developed on the mood/personal side than just linguistic. So this type won’t re-occur.

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