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what British English speakers call French, and some (pseudo-)truth about it # 002

November 11, 2010
That’s going to be an easy one, but truth needs to be spoken. French fries, sorry to break your heart, are not French. They are Belgian. I know, for you, English-speaking world, that doesn’t really make a difference. You might even think Belgium is a region of France. We might actually think the same whenever evoking Wallonie (its French-speaking part). And Walloon Belgians certainly feel closer to us than Swiss people, even French-speaking. They have a cinema we love, they have beers we cherish. And they have French fries. Or so they say. It is interesting to notice that the English Wikipedia page on French fries is only mentioning the Belgian hypothesis, when on the French page there is also a French one. Not too much French arrogance though for once, since they clearly say that the French hypothesis is not tenable either. And we might be the worst arrogant in the world, but I don’t know one French person who would try to attribute themselves the invention of fries.
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