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if your French psychiatrist offers you a camisole, s/he doesn’t have issues with patient/doctor boundaries, but you are in trouble (faux friend # 003)

December 13, 2010
It is not actually a full false friend, as it seems that French Canadian and French Swiss still use camisole in the same sense as English speakers. Even for French the camisole was historically a sleeveless top, used for the night and/or as an underwear. Except that if you go to a French regular lingerie shop nowadays and ask for a camisole after laughing / looking surprised / being outraged (pick your own), they will probably recommend you the kinky lingerie shop next door.
Look at the picture below, and you’ll understand that when your psychiatrist gave you a camisole, s/he was either trying to have you committed or making propositions, but of the kinky kind. Nothing wrong with that, but you might want to disambiguate.

And now you know what your French friend meant last time s/he asked if you wanted a camisole because you were being eccentric…
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